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Oral Health Doctor in Guilford, CT

Is your overall health important to you? If so, you should make your mouth one of your top priorities.

Oral health is defined as a functional, structural, aesthetic, physiological, psychosocial state of well-being and is essential to an individual’s general health and quality of life.

The oral cavity is the opening to the body. It is important to keep your mouth clean to prevent gum disease, cavities, heart disease, and other problems that can affect overall health. Conditions that may be linked to your oral health are: endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, birth complications, and pneumonia. Diseases that may affect the mouth include HIV/AIDS, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. Sometimes people with these diseases may need specialized treatment and may need to alternate with a periodontist.

Brushing twice a day, flossing, and coming in for your regular checkups whether they are every 3-months, 4-months, 6-months, and eating a healthy diet are all ways to keep your mouth clean.

Our hygienists will help you determine what type of cleaning and frequency is best for you! They will also advise you on the best products and interproximal tools that would be most beneficial for your mouth.

Dental hygiene is critical for all ages. Including from the time the first tooth erupts. It is important to have your child’s first dental appointment within the first 2 years. It is particularly important to keep baby teeth healthy so that the adult teeth will be healthy when they grow in. Damage to baby teeth may lead to problems with adult teeth and eruption. It is crucial to set up good habits to help them keep their teeth healthy and make the dentist a positive place for them to visit.

Our team here at Friedler Dental Group, serving Madison, Guilford, Westbrook, Branford, and Clinton areas of CT is here to help you manage, fix and prevent and oral health complications.

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