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March 11, 2022

Dental Anxiety ranges from feeling unsettled and stressed to fearful to panicked when visiting the dentist. There are personal and unique reasons for our feelings but in general terms anxiety may be triggered by needles, gag-reflex, drills, claustrophobia or prior trauma among many other factors. And, nowadays the Covid epidemic has exacerbated anxiety levels, preventing many people from seeking timely and much needed dental care. One of the most detrimental effects of postponing dental care is the deterioration that naturally follows and the sequela of social effects such as avoiding social encounters at the personal and professional level, not smiling, embarrassment and sometimes even difficulty chewing foods not to mention the negative overall health issues that are caused by infection and poor nutrition.

At the Friedler Dental Group our philosophy is to offer a stress-free environment for patients and staff. From the first phone call, we encourage patients to speak their concerns and needs so they are acknowledged, and we are prepared. Earning patient trust is paramount in building a supportive relationship and the key element to help patients manage dental anxiety. We believe in “getting to know the patient who has a dental problem rather than solely focus on the problem that the patient brings”. Although Sedation Dentistry is part of our repertoire for dental anxiety, we find that most people settle in and are able to go through their dental treatment without problems.

Our physical space was designed to enhance spaciousness and flow and artwork that inspires the mind to rise above stress. We consciously created a dental healing environment that supports active listening and giving patients control of their experience that include permission to signal for ‘breaks’, muscle relaxation techniques before injections and talking patients through the process so there are no surprises.

In these unique times our Covid practices are extensive beyond what the patient may see and go well beyond those required by the CDC:

Operating Room air scrubbers in the HVAC Individual HEPA and UV-c Air Purifiers in each treatment dditional Extraoral Vacuum Systems to Capture any volatilized vapors produced during procedures Hospital Grade Sterilization Center PPE including N-95 masks, gloves, shields and surgical gowns to eliminate cross-contamination. For more information visit www.GreatAmericanSmile.com or call us at (203) 245-7575.

In order to minimize discomfort, save time and multiple visits our leading-edge digital based procedures offer precision results for our patients:

  • Digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure
  • iTero® optical scanner eliminates the need for gooey impressions that gag patients
  • Cerec® scanner can produce same-day crowns eliminating the need for a second visit
  • Cone Beam CAT Scan to aid in implant treatment planning and placement
  • Dental LASER to perform painless, no-shot fillings

We are proud of our multi-generational family practice and really appreciate the trust and confidence that patients give us.

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