Why Are Dental Implants Best for Tooth Replacement

Why Are Dental Implants Best for Tooth Replacement

Jun 01, 2019

Though there are many options when it comes to tooth replacement, the implants are one of the most common options owing to their advanced features, durability, and strength. They are one of the most successful tooth replacement options, says the dentist 06437. But why are dental implants in Guilford is the best for tooth replacement? Let’s explore:

Dental implants replace the root of the tooth

The dental implants near you are by far one of the best alternatives because they don’t just fill the gap created by a prosthetic tooth, but also replaces the root of the tooth with a titanium post. Once the post has been implanted into the jaw bone, the bone and the soft tissue of the gums grows around it and secures it firmly in place. This gives them stability and permanence, says the dentist in Guilford near me.

Dental implants do not impact on neighboring teeth

The dental bridges are known for putting pressure on the natural teeth, which can cause damage to them. However, dental implants have an artificial root and they don’t need to rely on support from surrounding teeth. They don’t impact other teeth in mouth and don’t put them at risk.

Dental implants offer the ultimate discretion

One of the most cited issues with other tooth replacement options is that they are not stable. Dental implants are much more secure in comparison and they don’t slip while eating or speaking, says the dentist in Guilford, CT.

Dental implants support your jaw and facial structure

The dental implant post relies on the healthy jawbone as they need the bone to grow around them and secure them in place. If you lack enough healthy jawbone, the dentist near you may suggest bone grafting for successful implants in Guilford. By placing implant dentistry Boston, you actually strengthen it and help in retaining your facial structure.

Dental implants are long-lasting

One of the notable aspects about implants, according to the Friedler Dental Group is that they last for a longer duration. When taken care of properly, they can also last for a lifetime.