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Children's Dentist in Guilford, CT

As parents, we want our children to have a positive experience when visiting the dentist. Our office on the Connecticut shoreline treats children with gentleness, caring, and a soft touch. Most of our experienced hygienists are mothers and are invested in your child’s positive dental experience. You will be allowed to sit in the room with your child if you choose to yet sometimes it is best for the child to go at it alone. Either way, it is okay with us.

We are equipped to handle most dental services, but we reserve the option of a referral under certain circumstances.

As your child’s dentist, we at Friedler Dental Group in Guilford, CT, provide a variety of services including routine cleanings and general dental exams for children, which are important for good oral health.

It's Reassuring to Know You have a Children's Dentists Near You in Guilford, CT

General dentists provide treatment for patients of all ages, though some pediatric dentists are more qualified for special cases such as children with special needs. It is recommended that children have their first dental visit shortly after their first tooth erupts, or before their first birthday, whichever comes first.

Dentists deals with overall oral health. They diagnose and treat oral disorders and, if there are specific oral health issues that need special treatment, they can refer patients to a dental specialist.

The team at Friedler Dental Group is proud to serve Guilford’s patients and the surrounding areas to provide high-quality dental services. You can have confidence that you will receive the care you need safely and comfortably and be referred to a qualified specialist when necessary. Our services are also available in surrounding locations of Madison, Clinton, Shoreline, Connecticut Shoreline, Branford, and North Branford. Visit us today!

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges are very similar to traditional dental bridges in that the false tooth is held in place by the surrounding teeth. However, it is different in that there are no dental crowns placed over the surrounding teeth. Instead, the replacement tooth is supported by a metal frame work that is bonded to the back of the surrounding teeth and the replacement tooth. This is helpful because it removes the need to file down the surrounding teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Instead of being supported by the adjacent teeth, implant-supported bridges require a dental implant to be secured into the jaw bone. This is considered the most comfortable and secure of all bridges. Surgery is required to install the implants into the jaw bone. The area needs to heal prior to the installment of the bridge. The whole process can take up to five months, but it yields its benefits.

If you have any questions regarding dental bridges, please give Friedler Dental Group a call today to set up an appointment.

No Insurance? No Worry!

Are you a patient of our practice without dental insurance? Let us take care of your preventive care with our In-House Dental Savings Plan, and save money today!

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