Laser Treatment: What You Need To Know About This Milestone in Dentistry

Laser Treatment: What You Need To Know About This Milestone in Dentistry

Nov 01, 2020

The dental field is not what it used to be a century back. Several advancements have been made within this field, all aimed at rewriting the preset notion around dental appointments.

The truth is that most people are always edgy and anxious about visiting a family dentist near them. They picture dental procedures as a painful and gruesome affair, involving drills, syringes, and scalpels.

Some patients who visit our Guilford dentist suffer from dental anxiety and phobia. This makes it strenuous for them to receive dental treatments and even see that their dental health is maintained correctly.

It is a fact that during dental treatments at our dentist in Guilford, CT, a drill or syringe may be involved now and then depending on the dental procedure being performed.

However, dental advancements such as laser treatments in Guilford, CT, are designed to alleviate the need for drills, especially among patients who suffer from extreme cases of dental anxiety and phobia.

Laser Treatment 101

Ideally, laser treatment involves using intensely focused beams of light to precisely remove, reshape, or resize different types of tissue. Laser treatments in Guilford, CT, present patients with a treatment option that is not only precise but comfortable.

Laser dental procedures do not rely on drills or any other tools apart from lasers to cut through both hard and soft tissues. This is a big advantage for most of our patients who get nervous or put off by the sight of dental drills and need to undergo dental surgical procedures.

The dental lasers emit different wavelengths of focused light, all preset based on the dental procedure being performed and whether it is on hard or soft tissue. Laser treatments are gaining popularity among patients who visit our general and cosmetic dentist in Guilford, CT, from the surrounding areas of Madison, Branford, Clinton, and North Branford.

This is because laser treatments are all about precision pinpoint accuracy and are considerably less painful for patients.

Different Laser Treatment Procedures

Different dental procedures can be performed using dental lasers. Here are a few of the most common laser procedures performed by our general and cosmetic dentist in Guilford, CT:

  • Removing inflamed or diseased gum tissue during periodontal treatment
  • Preparing tooth enamel for a composite bonding procedure
  • Removing small amounts of tooth enamel during contouring and veneer procedures
  • Eliminating the discomfort and pain experienced by patients suffering from cold sores and cankers
  • Removing, resizing, and reshaping both bone and gum tissue as part of our crown lengthening procedures
  • Performing laser teeth cleaning
  • Removing any excess gum tissue that often overgrows when a patient uses some particular medications
  • Eliminating any muscle extensions that a hindering a patients tongue and lip activity or mobility
  • Facilitating a tooth whitening procedure
  • Removing inflamed soft tissue around the crown of a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  • Treating a root canal infection
  • Biopsies
  • Removing throat tissues that can be linked to a case of sleep apnea
  • Removing oral tumors
  • Regenerating damaged nerves

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Several advantages can come with opting to undergo a laser dental procedure as opposed to traditional dental procedures. Here are a few of the notable benefits that give laser treatment an edge:

  • Patients undergoing a laser dental procedure may not require any sutures after the surgical procedure is completed.
  • Laser dental procedures are generally more accurate and precise than traditional surgical procedures and are considerably less painful than conventional dental procedures.
  • Patients undergoing laser treatments tend to experience less bleeding. This is because the laser works also to promote blood clotting and wound sealing concurrently during the treatment procedure.
  • Due to the precise nature and accuracy of this treatment option, the gums incur minimal damages during the operation, which tends to shorten your healing process afterward.
  • Laser dental procedures are scarcely affected by post-surgical infections because the laser sterilizes the tissues within the affected area during the surgery.

If you are thinking of giving laser dental treatment a try, contact us today at Friedler Dental Group to schedule an appointment with our Guilford dentist near you. We guarantee you will have an unforgettable dental experience.