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The Inclusive Implant Denture Package

Traditional dentures have long been a staple in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, especially for individuals who have lost most if not all of their regular teeth. However, full arch tooth replacement can be an uncomfortable experience, mainly because the synthetic replacements can interfere with fundamental activities like talking, chewing, smiling, and laughing. A lack of confidence from a poor prosthesis often leads to social isolation and depression, especially amongst the elderly. Even worse for many are the physical side effects such as progressive bone loss, malnutrition from not eating, and an overall sagging facial structure.

To avoid these problems, there is an inclusive implant denture package. The package includes a premium upper or lower full arch denture prosthesis, four different implant placements as needed, diagnostics, and IV sedation administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist during treatment. If this is an avenue you would like to explore for your oral health and wellness, please contact us for a full consultation and discussion. Our dental implant professionals can then help determine if this package will work for you.

Fixed Implant Denture

A fixed implant denture is a static prosthesis that can only be removed by a professional dentist during an appointment. It is attached to four or more implants through a titanium framework that sits comfortably along the jaw. This style of denture is designed for maximum stability, function, and aesthetics.

Removable Implant Overdenture

This is a removable prosthesis that uses a titanium bar or attachment to connect to two or more dental implants. It can be easily taken out at night and is an excellent solution for patients seeking something affordable and flexible without sacrificing on quality. It is common to receive a removable implant overdenture when only a couple of teeth are missing.

Mini Implant Overdenture

A mini implant overdenture is a removable model that can hold one or multiple dental implants. It is anchored by a simple O-ring system and can be taken out easily by the patient. This model is inexpensive, effective and is typically seen among patients who cannot use other dentures for medical, anatomical, or financial reasons.

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