General Dentistry Can Benefit Everyone

General Dentistry Can Benefit Everyone

Apr 01, 2020

The benefit of proper dental care not only provides you with a beautiful smile but also a healthy body. You can achieve both goals simultaneously while working with our general dentist to keep your oral health in prime condition.

The dental team at Friedler Dental Group can optimize your oral health by helping you to keep your teeth clean and detecting any conditions in their early stages. Are you wondering how general dentistry can benefit everyone? Dr. Alan Friedler will be able to perform a deep clean that your toothbrush cannot because he has access to the most advanced technology. He can also identify infections like tooth decay before it progresses any further.

Below are some ways the our general dentistry team can help you maintain proper oral and overall health.


Friedler Dental Group in Guilford, CT, can help you prevent oral infections, dental complications, and even cancer by conducting examinations to determine whether any abnormal cells are present in your mouth. A routine checkup will give you access to regular cleanings. Routine dental cleanings can help to prevent discoloration and stains that may have developed on your teeth. The dentist near you may also offer you some tips on reducing the use of certain foods, beverages, and smoking: all of which have a role in teeth staining.


During regular checkups, our general dentistry team will evaluate your teeth and gums and any other soft tissues in your mouth. We will be looking for bacteria, among many other problems, that may have developed since the last examination. You will also receive routine tips for oral hygiene for assistance in maintaining your oral health.

Detecting Cavities

Advanced dentistry now provides dentists access to tools and technology to detect cavities and other infections in their earliest stages. Dentists no longer depend on a visual examination for this purpose and can use film-based and digital x-rays to detect cavities even between the teeth. This helps dentists prevent the development of cavities and reverse gingivitis (gum disease) altogether.


Our dentists can get your cavity filled if needed. Dental fillings are also being used to restore teeth that break when they are subjected to excessive wear or have experienced some trauma. The restoration will help your tooth to function like normal.

Friedler Dental Group can provide you with comprehensive family dentistry in Guilford, CT, which includes regular checkups, dental cleanings, wisdom teeth removal, braces, veneers, and dental implants. Make an appointment with Friedler Dental Group for the services mentioned and any others that you or your family may need to maintain your oral health in good condition.

Your general dentist should be a valuable source of information for helping you maintain a healthy and confident smile. Knowing how to talk to your dentist will ensure you get the information you need to make the best choices for your dental health.

Our general dentistry team will work with you to help you achieve better oral health for your entire family. We also accept most dental insurance plans and even offer flexible payment options to make sure you can enjoy the high-quality dental care that you need for a smile you will be confident about.

Ignoring your oral health can make your body susceptible to other health complications due to a compromised immune system. Dental conditions like gum disease are suspected to increase your risks of heart disease and strokes. Keep this in mind if you’re putting off visiting your dentist in Guilford for regular checkups and cleanings. Therefore, if it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, you should consider scheduling an appointment for a dental checkup.