Benefits and advantages of Dental Bridges

Benefits and advantages of Dental Bridges

Sep 01, 2019

Our problems are increasing day-to-day and so are the solutions. Technology has a solution for all your problems including all your dental issues. If you have lost a tooth or more, dental bridges are the best solution for you. You could restore your smile that went away with the lost tooth. In most cases, they appear and feel like your natural teeth.

Dental bridges are an integral part of modern dentistry. Also, people have been using dental bridges from the time before the advent of dental implants. It consists of two or more crowns that are placed on the abutment teeth. These crowns are placed on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth or teeth. At Friedler Dental Group, you could get the strongest and properly fitted dental bridges and dental crowns in Guilford, CT.

Dental bridges come with several benefits and advantages. The dentist in Guilford CT advises the clients to look at the various advantages of using dental bridges before using them. Here is a list of some of the various benefits associated with the use of dental bridges:

  • Small and lightweight: Dental bridges are convenient and comfortable to use. Since they are small and lightweight they provide excellent comfort while speaking, chewing and eating. Other removable or irremovable dentures are constructed in such a way that the pressure while chewing rests exclusively on gums. This decreases the chewing comfort.
    On the other hand, no chewing force is passed on the gums when you use dental bridges. The chewing process rests only on the teeth and that is why a natural chewing comfort is provided.
  • Easy Maintenance: Dental bridges are preferred by many people due to the ease of maintenance associated with them. They feel easy in the mouth. After some time of their use, the person using dental bridges becomes accustomed to them. Since these are fixed permanently to the abutment teeth, they do not need to be regularly removed for cleaning. They could be cleaned easily by brushing, flossing and mouth washing.
  • Enhances speaking and pronunciation: Dental Bridges improves your natural speaking and also improves your eating and chewing abilities. Dental bridges fill the gaps in the teeth and this could help you speak without any inhibition.
  • Maintains facial structure: Dental bridges hold the jaws and bones at their place. When you lose a tooth or more, a gap is created in the jaw. This gap may lead to a shift in the position of other teeth. Dental bridges hold the teeth on either side of the gap firmly and reduce the problem of shifting or spreading out of teeth. This helps in maintaining the normal facial structure.
  • Restores aesthetic functions: Since tooth loss has a severe effect on aesthetics, a replacement for the lost tooth or teeth becomes extremely important. Dental bridges take proper care of the aesthetic functioning. Dentists generally advise Porcelain or Zirconia dental bridges for the restoration of aesthetics. These bridges will always save you from any kind of embarrassment associated with lost teeth and restore your bright smile.
  • Only a few appointments are needed: While other removable dentures take at least 4 appointments to get completed and set up, dental bridges do not require more than 2 appointments. You will be ready with your new dental bridges only after two sessions with your dentist. After its insertion that is done with the help of a surgery, it takes less than 6 months to fuse with the bones inside your mouth.
  • Dental bridges are made in such a way that they provide long-term protection and stability. You do not need to visit the dentist regularly. It has a good life-span and prognosis.
  • Helps in combating the issues after teeth loss: Dental bridges not only act as a replacement for your missing tooth but they also prevent any further complications that might arise after you lost a tooth or teeth. It helps in preventing teeth migration by filling the gaps created between the teeth. Teeth migration if not prevented by dental bridges might lead to disruption of several important oral processes.

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