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June 28, 2022

Dentistry’s evolution over the past 10 years has skyrocketed, with innovative high-tech equipment and the ability to deliver leading-edge digitally-based procedures with precision results.

In March 2020, the Covid pandemic challenged dentistry to the stratosphere. The changes required by this highly infectious disease are formidable even for a profession already proficient in dealing with infection control.

The Friedler Dental Group tackled the challenge seriously with a deep commitment to Safety First. Patient protocols in the Covid Era are vastly different and include COVID screening, slower volume of patients, social distancing and additional sterilization procedures among others. Staff and doctors wear appropriate PPE including N-95 masks, gloves, shields and surgical gowns to eliminate cross contamination.

Beyond that, Friedler has upgraded their infrastructure beyond CDC requirements:

  • Operating room air scrubbers in the HVAC
  • Individual HEPA and UV-C Air Purifiers in each treatment room
  • Additional Extra-Oral Vacuum Systems to capture any volatized vapors produced during procedures
  • Hospital-Grade Sterilization Center

In order to minimize discomfort, save time and multiple visits, their leading-edge digital-based procedures offer precision results for patients with state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure
  • iTero optical scanner eliminates the need for gooey impressions that gag patients
  • Cerec scanner can produce same-day crowns, eliminating the need for a second visit
  • Cone Beam CAT Scan to aid in implant treatment planning and placement
  • Dental Laser able to perform painless, no shot fillings.

Staff at the Friedler Dental Group continues to receive and implement up-to-date training in safety protocols that protect patients and staff. It is their mission to create a safe environment that protects all and reinforces their signature “StressFree” philosophy.

The Innovative, Long-Term Solution To Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are the most advanced, durable tooth replacement system available today.

  • Longevity – With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime
  • Permanent & Comfortable – Dental implants feel, look and function like natural teeth
  • Quality of Life – You will be able to enjoy all sorts of foods and with improved, natural dentition you will feel more confident in intimate relations and at work
  • Success – Dental implants have a 98.5% success rate
  • Bone Preservation – Dental implants help preserve bone, keeping other teeth in place

No Insurance? No Worry!

Are you a patient of our practice without dental insurance? Let us take care of your preventive care with our In-House Dental Savings Plan, and save money today!

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